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ZeroKnomics is an API that delivers Provably True Random Numbers that are as secure as Quantum numbers, but at a fraction of the cost.

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True Random Numbers, true accessibility.

Easily integrate true randomness into your process.

ZeroKnomics provides True Random Numbers served directly through an API offloading the need for specialized hardware and personnel.

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Truly Random
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Practically everything we do online is encrypted.
Encryption is only as good as the randomness behind it.


Randomness creates more variation in games, wolrd generation, item and enemy spawning. The less determined a game is, the more replayability it has.


Passwords, transfer tokens and communications channels require strong security.
True random numbers make it nearly impossible to predict what a code will look like.

Lotteries and Draws

Sometimes a decision with no rational or fair basis needs to be taken.
Ideally there should be no way to influence or predict the outcome of that decision.

So, why True Random numbers?

Computers cannot be spontaneous which is why random functions were created to simulate unpredictability.
The problem with these functions is that they are not truly random, they create serialized numbers that take a certain time to repeat and with today's processing power those series can be cracked.

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What is True Randomness?

True random numbers use an external non-computer factor in their calculation, called "Entropy".
ZeroKnomics uses several competing forms of entropy where the winner is determined through a Zero Knowledge proof time lock.

Making it virtually impossible to predict or influence.

Verifiably random, unbiased and fair.

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